Who we are

Tired of working for other providers who sacrificed the quality of hosting, we set out to start a hosting company that focused on providing a product for people that needed fast, reliable hosting at a price that wasn’t unreasonable.  That’s why we don’t over commit resources to make a few extra bucks.  And that’s why we don’t try to suck you in with introductory offers only to raise the price later.

We’ve also seen (and worked for) other providers who gave “smaller” customers less support. We don’t think that way. A customer is a customer whether you’re paying $1.00 a month or $1000.00 a month. Your site could be used for fun or to put food on your table and it makes no difference to us. No matter what it’s use, we know it’s important to you and we value you as a customer.

It is our mission provide a great product and stellar support at an affordable price.  There’s no hidden language and no surprises.  The price you pay for your hosting account today will be the price you pay for good.  And you can rest easy knowing that we’ve seen the mistakes other hosting providers have made trying to push their resources to the limit and we stand behind our decision to not follow in their footsteps.


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